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Vedran Papeš


1/24% - my first serious movie, made for college

You can read this also on my Behance portfolio:

On my college we got a task for seminar to record and edit a video. I wanted it to be a professional work that could show what I can do with 2 dSLRs, not that expensive LED lighting, and one shotgun mic.
With the help of my friend Tomislav, which is also an actor in my movie I got an idea to make a movie about what he does, engraving in stones, wood, metal and other cool stuff.


1/24% @ Vimeo


EXP/GameEvents @ Reboot InfoGamer 2015.

<<<< A full album >>>>

This time a little bit different set-up as we got 2 new powerful PCs for our studio that we used here.
Without help of great guys at Reboot that helped us setting up projector via optics, a whole LAN infrastructure, audio and lighting setup would be really hard or even impossible to maintain this event.

With help of StreamingSolutions that borrowed us amazing 2 Teradek Cubes, one wireless and one only ethernet and 2 handycams we streamed both teams via RTSP to vMix.


- streaming PC
- Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K and Blackmagic Intensity Pro
- One HDMI camera to Intensity Pro and HDMI out from caster's PC
- USB Audio Mixer Behringer
- Logitech HD webcam
- vMix + OBS multi instance for streaming to YouTube and Twitch
   - HDMI to DVI cable (thanks to ADM računala for borrowing this) - so that we can connect old projector

- caster's PC - connected via HDMI to streaming PC and audio out to USB audio mixer
- Teradek Cube - ethernet - Xiaomi Yi connected to it (micro HDMI to HDMI), streaming in full HD via RTSP


EXPerience the Day - EXP The Room studio - 31.10.2015

<<<< Our new studio - ALBUM! >>>>

And more about it in other media:


EXP/GameEvents @ Reboot InfoGamer 2014.

Twitch 720p:Reboot Infogamer 2014 @ 12/11/14 Game Events CS:GO - Reboot Infogamer 2014 @ 15/11/14 Game Events Starcraft 2 - Reboot Infogamer 2014 @ 16/11/14YouTube (all resolutions):

EXP Gaming for Balkans 2014. - charity event

Live stream recording from EXPchadr's Twitch channel

More about the event, and the idea behind it on Reddit

Review of the whole event on official EXPgaming web-site

Universe Big Bang LAN tournament by Universe - 18.4.2014.

Video edited in Lightroom

EXPerience 2013.

Live streaming set-up

Everything about my live streaming set-up. Written on Reddit's Videography subreddit

Recording of EXPerience 2014. on Twitch

Last day:


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