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Vedran Papeš

1/24% - my first serious movie, made for college

You can read this also on my Behance portfolio:

On my college we got a task for seminar to record and edit a video. I wanted it to be a professional work that could show what I can do with 2 dSLRs, not that expensive LED lighting, and one shotgun mic.
With the help of my friend Tomislav, which is also an actor in my movie I got an idea to make a movie about what he does, engraving in stones, wood, metal and other cool stuff.

1/24% @ Vimeo

This is his hobby, with which he also tries to earn some money from selling handicrafts. He worked for two years in Harley Davidson in service, selling stuff and other dream jobs that are connected with Harley Davidson bikes. But, after he finished his college, he was too qualified for that job...

And right now he is trying to find a job in his branch.

Many thanks also to Ivan Buzjak and Filip Habuš for assiting.
And to Žarko Nikin for borrowing his equipment (LED lighting he made, shotgun mic, tripods...)

Few images from the set, on location, in his place and outside:


1/24% @ YouTube

1/24% @ Vimeo

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