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1/24% - my first serious movie, made for college

You can read this also on my Behance portfolio:

On my college we got a task for seminar to record and edit a video. I wanted it to be a professional work that could show what I can do with 2 dSLRs, not that expensive LED lighting, and one shotgun mic.
With the help of my friend Tomislav, which is also an actor in my movie I got an idea to make a movie about what he does, engraving in stones, wood, metal and other cool stuff.

1/24% @ Vimeo

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DORS/CLUC 2014. - 16-18.6.2014. - Croatian Linux User's Convention

16.06.2014. - day 1


Whole album on Flickr

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Armageddon in Zagreb?

Yesterday there was a really armgeddonish rain in Zagreb, thunderstorm, AC/DC rocking the sky with their riffs of thunderstruck...

Was it really that bad?

See the picture ;)

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